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We are excited to annouce that we are collaborating with Faire Wholesale to bring you wholesale prices right in front of your screen. Prices start at $150 first order minimum & $200 reorder minimum (shipping not included). There are many benefits from shopping through Faire such as Net 30 & Net 60 plans, $100 credit + 1 year of free shipping* and free returns on your first order. Shopping wholesale has never been so easy!

  • Get $100 credit + 1 Year Free Shipping*

    As a new retailer, you'll receive a $100 credit to use towards your first order as well as 1-year shipping.

  • Buy Now, Pay 60 Days Later

    By signing up with to Faire, you are eligible for 30 Net / 60 Net. This will allow you to try product before you commit.

  • Get Free Returns on Your First Order*

    As a retailer new to Faire, we want to make your experience with us even more special. That's why we offer free returns on your first order. We want you to feel confident in your purchase and know that we stand behind the quality of our products. 

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Don't worry, we've got you covered! Fill out the form below to get started on wholesale pricing without having to sign up to Faire. The benefits listed won't apply but you will still be able to get great deals!

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*Disclaimer: $100 Credit + 1 Year free shipping only applies to new retailers or brands who sign up to Faire.