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(Set of 4) Bubble Coaster

(Set of 4) Bubble Coaster

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This set of four unique Bubble Coasters is the ideal way to spruce up your home decor with a touch of uniqueness and playfulness. Handcrafted from concrete, these coasters can serve as both functional cup holders and eye-catching decorative pieces. They make a fantastic gift for loved ones, adding a touch of fun and charm to any space. You can even choose between a glossy or matte finish to suit your personal style.

- Set of 4 Bubble Coasters
- Handmade from Concrete
- Cork Padding to Prevent Furniture Damage

- Sealed - Coasters will be water resistant and have a minor gloss finish.
- Unsealed - Coasters will have a matte finish (as seen in photos) and will not be water resistant. 





3.5" x 3.5" x 0.75"


This product is handmade. There is a high chance that there will be imperfections such as air bubbles and color inconsistency. This is completely normal and part of the handmade process.

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